Additional Services

Bike Service

Our team of experts will be at your disposal to offer the mechanical service that your bicycle deserves. This service includes the professional assembly of your bicycle before the competition, ensuring that it is in optimal condition to face the challenges of the routes. After each stage, your bike will be washed, removing dust and dirt accumulated on the route. Additionally, we will make necessary adjustments to ensure exceptional performance at each subsequent stage.

Should a more significant mechanical issue arise, our technicians will be prepared to perform major repairs, as long as parts availability allows. 

With mechanical service, your bike will be in expert hands, allowing you to focus on enjoying the Baja Epic experience without technical concerns. 

Massage Service

Imagine arriving at camp after a day full of challenges and adventures on the Baja Epic routes. Now, visualize the possibility of surrendering to the comfort and relief that our massage service provides.

Our specialized therapists will be on hand to offer revitalizing massages, helping you relieve muscle tension and prepare for the next stage.

This massage service not only seeks physical well-being, but also mental well-being. After a tiring day, take the opportunity to relax your mind and release accumulated stress.

The massages will be performed in a quiet and professional environment, allowing you to disconnect and enjoy a well-deserved moment of rest.

To access this service, you can reserve your session in advance. We guarantee that these massages will be the perfect complement to your Baja Epic experience, ensuring that each day begins and ends with maximum comfort and well-being.

Shuttle Service

We understand that travel logistics can be a crucial factor in your participation in the Baja Epic. For this reason, we have organized a ground transportation service that will take you from the Tijuana and San Diego airports to the starting point of the event and vice versa.

Our vehicles are equipped to provide comfort and space for your equipment and bikes. You can relax and enjoy the landscape while our team takes you safely to the Baja Epic base camp. 

Likewise, at the end of the event, we guarantee a hassle-free transfer back to the airport, allowing you to enjoy your victory with complete peace of mind.

To access this service, you can reserve your transportation when registering for the event. Our goal is to make your participation as easy and enjoyable as possible, and this includes facilitating transportation to and from airports.

We are excited to be a part of your journey to the Baja Epic! With our ground transportation service, your adventure begins from the moment you land in Tijuana or San Diego.